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September 12, 2013

Spitzer, Weiner should have been ashamed

The Daily Star

---- — Quick: What are the names of the winners of Tuesday’s New York City Democratic primaries for mayor and comptroller?

Not so quick: What are the names of the big losers in that election?

If you’re like most of us, you found the second question far easier to answer.

We don’t use the word “losers” lightly when referring to Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer, for that is surely what they are.

Depending on the perverse name recognition that often accompanies notoriety (rather than fame), they must have had their reasons to subject themselves, their wives … and the city’s voters … to the embarrassment of what turned into more of a tawdry circus than a campaign.

What would make them think that in a city with two hyperbolic, headline-screaming tabloid newspapers and a plethora of scandal-hungry websites and other media that New York would be a good place to search for redemption.

Don’t get us wrong. We’re all for forgiveness, as are the big-hearted citizens of that wonderful five-borough metropolis. However, New Yorkers showed Tuesday that they prefer a mayor they can call “your honor” without smirking … or laughing uproariously.

The unfortunately named Mr. Weiner, driven out of the House of Representatives when it was revealed that he had sent explicit sexual texts – replete with photographs – to several women, deluded himself into thinking he could be mayor.

Weiner was actually doing pretty well in the polls until it was revealed that under the pseudonym of “Carlos Danger,” he had continued his sexting even a year after resigning from office.

Weiner finished fifth in the primary, with not even 5 percent of the vote. What figures to be his lasting image — we hope, rather than his text images — is his classless obscene gesture to reporters as he was driven off into the night after giving his concession speech.

As for Spitzer, a city comptroller election had never been a hot political item, but apparently Spitzer saw it as a first step back to political prominence. In truth, the former governor was probably over-qualified for the post.

But New Yorkers must have remembered the hypocrisy of Spitzer — who had prosecuted many people involved in prostitution — spending tens of thousands of dollars to have sex with any number of “escorts while he was governor.”

We don’t think it prudish or intolerant to think that Spitzer and Weiner should have been too ashamed of themselves to run for high office.

Oh, and by the way, the big winners in the Democratic primary Tuesday night — along with the voters — were mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio and for comptroller, Scott Stringer. The Republican winners were Joe Lhota for mayor and unopposed comptroller candidate John Burnett.