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Guest Column

November 3, 2012

For God's sake, get out and vote!


Rather, the senator stated: “The world noted at once what he said, and will never cease to remember it.” I would eagerly agree, except that the events, attitudes and actions within America’s current political culture cause me to fear that we have forgotten Lincoln’s words; especially the part about a government of, by and for the people. For as much as we all complain about our government’s leaders, Washington D.C. and our “do-nothing,” hostile Congress, theoretically we put them all there. Apparently also theoretically, they represent us, work for us both individually and corporately for the good of our whole country.

My plea here is that no matter how disillusioned, disgruntled or disgusted you or “we” are with sitting politicians or potential candidates, we make certain to VOTE in this upcoming election. We must participate again in our own government, which is NOT , I would argue stridently, a “democracy” at the present time. With the obscene amount of money being spent by campaigns to buy votes, endorsements and insulting epithets for their speeches and debates, government of, by and for the people seems as though it may have already perished from the earth.

Ages ago when I was in the ninth grade, our American Government teacher asked us to define a “democracy” in as few words as possible. Most of us were lucky to fit our first responses on one side of a piece of notebook paper.

She kept saying, “No, much shorter than THAT” although we whittled away at our definitions, we finally just gave up and looked at her smiling pityingly back at us.

“Four words,” she said: The people are sovereign.

    That being the case and all, why do we all sound like “victims” of some evil cast of characters other than our own selves? Of course, from my perspective as an Episcopal priest, we are co-existing with some evil characters. In the Kingdom of God, God is sovereign; “evil” results in this world because we forget that and want to be God.

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