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Letters to the Editor

August 31, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Aug. 31, 2012

Kansas concert

was too loud

So I went to the Kansas concert at the Oneonta Theater. BIG mistake. Music was WAY too loud — with the addition of a bass boom that made most of the vocals unintelligible. Had to leave before the end of the show. Too bad, as the group was excellent. Had the same problem with the Fab Faux; bad sound ruined the show.

You may want to think twice about attending — especially considering the price. Guess in the future I may have to think about asking for my money back.

Charles King


It’s human nature

to defend one’s self

By the very basics of human nature, it is our natural reaction to defend ourselves when attacked. It is a natural right. I believe some amongst us think we should accept whatever abuse is being cast upon us. Why as a civilized society should we not as a human being be encouraged to defend ourselves vigorously when attacked. When you are forced to defend yourself against a life-threatening antagonist you should have the most effective weapon for the job at your disposal. If that happens to be a firearm, you should by all means be allowed to use it to your best advantage. The object of fighting off an aggressor is to end the confrontation immediately. It may take one shot or 30. You do not shoot a dangerous animal once and wait for it to fall down. You shoot it until the threat stops. Ask policemen how they were trained. How can some legislator guess at your situation and than legislate your ability to save yourself. We defend ourselves from heart disease by diet and exercise, fire with smoke alarms, car crashes with airbags. I would imagine when attacked by a foe capable of doing us serious bodily harm, standing there and being killed or maimed wouldn’t be a natural response. Usually to save yourself in this situation when you can’t take flight requires some serious firepower. As a wise man once said, the best underarm protection is a .45 in a shoulder holster.

John Ottesen




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