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August 10, 2013

Show president some respect

The Daily Star

---- — I can recall with fond memories of growing up and being taught the importance of the office of president of the United States, and how our men and woman died protecting our right to choose the president. I was saddened when I read the article pertaining to an amusement game at the Morris fair where a dart game was created with the president’s picture, giving children an opportunity to throw darts at the president.

This president has suffered a level of disrespect unparalleled, and as a nation we seem to be headed, not forward, but backward. He is the chief executive of the United States, the commander-in-chief of the military and the face of our nation abroad, and he deserves the respect of all our citizens. It doesn’t matter if you dislike him as a person, disagree with his politics, or even don’t like the color of his tie, no matter what, you respect the president. The behavior of some of us in this respect has become unconscionable.

I don’t have a problem if someone disagrees with the president. The country was built on factions and debate in order to reach a consensus. It’s our responsibility as citizens to question our leaders. I think as parents and citizens we must teach our children that whoever holds this sacred position, we must show the office respect. Much of the politics we have today is strident and polarized and mean-spirited, the fundamental problem, of course, is we do not show respect to those who are involved.

Richard D. Abbate


Abbate is the Otsego County Democratic chairman.