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August 20, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Aug. 20, 2012

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Can't 'ease into' hydrofracking

My family lives in Norwich and Oxford _ two of the communities in Chenango county rumored to be used as testing grounds for hydrofracking if Governor Cuomo allows the oil and gas industry into our Empire State.

My mom has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD. With only half the lung capacity, she will suffer even more from the air pollution from the natural gas extraction method.

I also have a niece starting college in Broome County this year. She would be driving on the same roads as the convoys of fracking trucks hauling millions of gallons of fresh or brine water and chemicals.

It is humiliating to keep begging and pleading with our elected officials such as Sen. Tom Libous, after the science, data and earthquakes prove hydrofracking is not a viable energy source for our towns, state or nation. Especially now that the courts have awarded families in Pennsylvania $1.6 million for contaminated drinking wells, with more lawsuits to follow. Is this the future of New York state?

Sen. James Seward stated, "we will ease into this." Congressman Richard Hanna stated "he will base his decision on scientific data," as will our state's Governor Cuomo.

To the Empire State's elected officials, how do you ease into flowback waste, earthquakes and contamination of air, soil and water? You have enough hard evidence concerning fracking to ban it. If you sell out New York state to the oil and gas industry it will never be forgiven or forgotten when loved ones are involved.

Tammy Reiss


National healthcare plan would cover all citizens

Modeled after the Medicare Plan, the National Health Care Plan proposed replaces Medicare and Medicaid. This proposed NHCP would be in balance at the end of every fiscal year and would realize a tremendous saving in costs.

Every person in the U.S. would be covered. It would replace Medicare and Medicaid. No insurance premiums would be paid; only the medical bills would be paid when occurred. It would be funded by a value added tax to help cover those unable to pay and everyone able to pay would be sent a bill at the end of every fiscal year.

The account of tax revenue received and the total of all medical bills paid would be recorded in one account that would be cleared by billing everyone able to pay according to one's income and dependents; the medical industry also would be billed in order to control costs. This NHCP would be in balance every fiscal year with a zero balance. The cost saved in administration would be tremendous.

Private insurance companies would be subcontracted to do the paperwork. Senior citizens would only pay what Medicare Plan B (doctor's payment) calls for. This would be a nonprofit plan with no set premiums and no profits taken. Those wishing additional coverage could buy private insurance. Illegal immigrants could be paid for by relatives willing to pay the bills.

Immigration would probably need to be more tightly controlled and the laws enforced. Contraceptives entail moral and freedom of conscience rights and should not be covered. Those who so wish can buy private health insurance that covers it.

A budget should be reasonably easy to prepare to estimate the cost per payer.

Louis W. Nicholson

Fly Creek