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Letters to the Editor

August 21, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Aug. 21, 2012

Delaware County wasting money on aerial photos

I read with disbelief that the Delaware County Board of Supervisors is spending $80,200, plus nearly $120,000 every three years, to have a private company spy on county residents and then intends to sell the information.

It has hired a company to take high-resolution pictures of your property without your approval or knowledge with the intention of using those photographs against you for "tax assessment and code enforcement."

We are not talking about Google Earth, which the county could use for free; we are talking about close-up, high-resolution photos that will show a degree of detail you can't even imagine.

To justify the expense, the county tends to "merchandise" the Internet-based maps.

If this goes forward criminals will no longer need to "case" a place. All they will need to do is buy the pictures from the county. I wonder what type of liability that scenario opens Delaware County up to?

In addition, I suspect it represents issues with the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution against illegal and unwarranted searches. I'm not a constitutional lawyer, but I pledge $1,000 of my own money to a fund to hire one to sue the Board of Supervisors and Real Property Tax Services Director Michael Sabansky in order to find out. Anyone who would like to join in, please contact me.

When did the country change so that personal freedoms and private property rights don't matter? This sounds like something right out of the former Soviet Union.

Robert M. Bishop


Candidate's letter was unfair

I disagree with your decision to print Mr. Leib's letter regarding objections filed against his petitions. His accusations border on libel.

Objecting to signatures that don't belong on a petition is still legal in this country. Actually, it makes sure that someone is getting on the ballot legally. What's wrong with making sure a politician follows the law when he's vying for our votes and could well represent us in the legislature?

Mr. Blake states that his petition signatures were all legitimate. Well, the state board of elections is charged with deciding exactly that. Since when can Democrats, Conservatives and independents sign a Republican petition?

Both Mr. Leib and Mr. Blake need to stop complaining, man up and get on with it. They look like schoolchildren whining about another kid in class who caught them _ and they blame everyone else for their predicament rather than take responsibility.

Jerry Wood

Mount Vision

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