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March 27, 2013

County being devious regarding Manor

The Daily Star

---- — Look out, citizens! We’re about to be LHC’d. That stands for Local Housing Corporation, and it’s our county council’s way of unloading Otsego Manor without seeming to do the dirty deed itself.

Setting up an LHC is a sly trick being used all over the state by councils that want to jettison an admittedly huge public expense, without taking direct action themselves — and without polling the public (that’s us!) as to whether we’d sooner solve the expense problem another way.

When you understand it, the LHC mechanism can make you suddenly re-taste your last meal: The board sets up an LSC, hires an expensive headhunting firm (aren’t we out of money?) to turn up the “the most responsible buyer.”

But here’s the part that will give you gastric reflux. The board cedes ownership (that would be “our ownership”) of the troublesome property (that would be Otsego Manor) to the LHC, which then does the brokering.

And (get ready to head for the bathroom) it turns out that, around the state, many of the hired headhunters are doing double duty: They’re also touting certain of their corporation clients to the county boards as “the most responsible applicants.”

Why do I think of Pontius Pilate, sanctimoniously pouring water over his hands? Why do I think of Christ, so outraged by money-obsessed types that he made a whip out of some rope and flogged those low-lifes out of the temple?

Maybe you should be looking around for some short lengths of rope, folks, and start braiding them together. Come election time, our only recourse may be flogging the smug hypocrites right out the door.

Jim Atwell

Fly Creek