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October 15, 2012

Pipeline would be Faustian bargain|In your opinion:

The Daily Star

---- — Pipeline would be Faustian bargain

After watching a meeting of the Otsego County Board of Representatives, I have come to realize that the greatest danger of the Constitution Pipeline as a conduit may be its capacity to siphon the soul of our leaders.

Even if we are to believe the absurd claims made by fracking advocates that thepipeline won’t lead to fracking in New York, it is impossible to escape the fact that the project would nevertheless transport gas produced from fracking in Pennsylvania — thus contributing to the ruination of nature, lives and families there.

I was absolutely appalled to hear Representative Linda Rowinski tout the benefits of our county following in the footsteps of Elmira, just north of the Pennsylvania border. The pipeline, she argued, would be a blessing to Otsego County because we could reap its financial benefits without facing the risks endured by people living where fracking occurs.

Aside from the moral delinquency of this argument, such a justification is incredibly naïve. If Governor Cuomo permits fracking in New York state, Elmira will be among the first to share the disastrous fate of its neighbor to the south.

Moreover, if the Constitution Pipeline is built, the cost of accepting this Faustian deal may be for us to one day witness the hills and valleys of our own beloved Otsego County carved into a poisoned industrial network of gas rigs, feeder lines and compressor stations, too.

It has often been said that the devil is in the details. But in their haste to adopt a resolution that supports the Constitution Pipeline without considering the true costs to ourselves and others, several county representatives may have overlooked another demon — the one within.

Keith Schue

Cherry Valley

Countryside was

a bad choice

It came as no surprise to read about the intended closing of Countryside Nursing Home in Delhi.

We personally experienced its lack of care and professionalism.

When my 90-year-old father broke his leg and needed rehabilitation, we were given Countryside as one of three choices by Otsego County Social Services.

Believing it they would not give us a choice that would provide him poor care, we chose Countryside based on its  location.

In two weeks, while there, he fell out of bed twice and was rushed to the hospital for dehydration. Three trips to the ER.

The ER found untreated bed sores the third time. At this point we took him out of Countryside.

The first two times we paid to transfer him back to the nursing home as we were told by Countryside it was not responsible, although he was injured there and it chose to send him to the ER by ambulance. These two instances cost us over $300.

We decided to write the NYS Ombudsman.

The answer was that if he was no longer a resident, it couldn’t precede. We were told to contact the NYS Health Department.

It told us it couldn’t do anything as Countryside was recently cited for these same problems and have been given a period of time to bring the facility up to NYS standards.

If the state knew of problems at this facility, why was Countryside given to us as a choice?

We were told by multiple employees that when the county owned it, it was a well-run facility. Otsego County: learn from this. This will be the future of Otsego Manor if it becomes privately owned.

Skip and Cindy Carpentier