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October 22, 2012

America slipping away under Obama

The Daily Star

---- — America slipping away under Obama

Come November, the people of America will have a choice. 

Vote Obama for a second term and the U.S. will never look like the U.S. of the past or the present, which is quickly disappearing. Here we come Greece!

Obama’s own words are “I am a proponent of universal health care.” Key word, “universal.”

My question to you is, is America its own country with strong moral values? Or are we a country getting ready to be handed over to the universal morality of Obama, Chavez, Mao Tse-tung, Ahmadinejad and other leaders of destruction? How about Qaddafi?

If you believe that a person’s words an actions of 25 years are a good indicator of who they are, then you better believe Obama is no more than an experienced leader and a well-taught social terrorist.

I believe that you must read his books, check out some of the low-lifes in his administration and learn who they really are. Watch the films “2016” and “Hope and Change.” Then sit and think for 30 minutes with a truly open mind and heart. Be careful of bigotry — truly careful. 

Obama’s school czar supported a member of the North American Man/Boy Love Association, but does not think the Boy Scouts are a good thing. Really? NAMBLA is a man-boy sex club. Part of the Obama “dream team” seems to believe in this. Do you?

Bill Scutt