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October 26, 2012

Pipeline foes havebad manners

The Daily Star

---- — Having attended the FERC meeting at Foothills on Oct. 25, I was appalled and embarrassed at the rude behavior and the intolerance toward any difference of opinion as exhibited by the sign-waving Kuzminski group. It was like an attack of SEIU.

I support the pipeline and the jobs and affordable energy it may bring. It is a delivery system, not a drilling site. A pensioner, I just paid more than $3,000 for fuel oil. We deserve cheaper energy, independent of countries abroad who hate America. 

Do not be misled by Kuzminski and his “Sustainable Otsego,” a brilliant slogan but as empty as Clint Eastwood’s chair ... a smokescreen, far more insidious than the anti-fracking pretense it claimed to champion; a far-left group whose agenda is to keep business and energy development out of Otsego. This includes natural gas, coal, wind and atomic, which France has heavily used for 40 years.  

We are supposed to remain an area of tourism and quaint pastoral dairy farms, though most of ours are gone. Ommegang, one of the biggest supporters of Kuzminski, is owned by a company based in a European nanny-state country. 

Cast aside the misleading rhetoric; pay attention to actions, particularly spending and taxes, which go up every year. These progressive liberal secular Kuzminski puppets are big spenders, and permeated schools, local and county government in the last election. I commend the county board and the two Kuzminski implants, now under threat, for doing what is best for the people. 

A recent Bassett study shows Otsego to have the highest percentage of people below the poverty line of any other central New York state county. Why? Connect the dots. Build that line.

Give the people of Otsego much-needed future jobs, tax revenue and clean, affordable energy.

Jeanne Bridger