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Letters to the Editor

October 26, 2012

Choose between a president and a boss

On Nov. 6, we will be making a fundamental choice between re-electing a president or hiring a new boss. I could get into Mitt Romney’s constantly changing positions, refusal to release all his tax returns, etc., but I’d rather focus on what President Obama has actually done for this country.

I think our president has made some very tough decisions that weren’t popular but ultimately saved this country from succumbing to one of the worst financial disasters it has ever seen. He inherited a mess, got us out of one war and is ending another, and has dealt with an obstructionist Congress that is more loyal to lobbyists such as Grover Norquist than to our country. He’s a person who has demonstrated good judgment, understands that a country with allies is stronger than going it alone in the world and is motivated by what is right and just rather than what powerful entities want him to do. He has kept us safe and continues to do so. 

I thank President Obama for saving the auto industry, reforming banking and Wall Street and for tackling health care, which no president prior to him had the guts or the will to pursue. I believe he is a humanist and understands the value of respect and dignity for others with opposing perspectives. Yes, he has flaws and may not be perfect, but at the very least, President Obama is a man of conviction, and he represents every person in this country. 

I say stay the course with Barack Obama because we know where he stands. We may not agree with everything he does, but at least we understand where he’s coming from. That’s what a good president should do. And that’s what our commander-in-chief has done.

Joe Stillman


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