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November 3, 2012

As a scientist, I'm for Obama

The Daily Star

---- — The November issue of Scientific American has an important report titled “America’s Science Problem” about the attack on scientific knowledge that has been gathering steam for several decades. It says scientists have been loath to get involved, hesitant to speak out. Well, I’m a scientist ... now 87 years old ... and I’m speaking out!

I am appalled at the ignorance of scientific facts exhibited by some of our senators and representatives. These people are not qualified to serve on committees involving science.

I am appalled at the ignorance of much of the general public about science.

I am appalled at the misguided power of religious organizations to hinder proper education of young children and also of well-intentioned adults. Religions have many good ideas, but also have caused some of the worst conflicts in history. Many good people, even including some scientists, struggle to integrate religion and science. Much of religion is based on historic but flawed attempts through the ages to explain things people didn’t understand . 

This presidential election is of the utmost importance; Most scientists believe global warming is real. Other major world-wide problems are accumulation of methane released by melting perma-frost, dwindling fresh

water supplies and the population explosion.

These disasters are heading our way, and scientists are alarmed at the increasing speed of global warming.

Candidate Romney appears to not believe in global warming, and has no plans to confront it.

Candidate Obama has achieved some progress in dealing with aspects of it, such as the looming energy crisis, pollution and science education, but additional efforts were thwarted by constant activities of mostly Republicans in Congress to prevent him from being a successful president.

Think about this when you cast your vote for president. In the end, it is a very important issue.

Margaret B. Mathis