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November 1, 2012

Becker disrespectfulin court cases

The Daily Star

---- — I appeared in front of Judge Becker and Judge Rosa as an attorney. Judge Becker was regularly rude and disrespectful to me, other attorneys and parties, while Judge Rosa was never rude.

Delaware County Drug Court handles felonies and does not save Delaware County taxpayers money on incarceration in Delaware County Jail, as felony incarcerations are handled by state prison. Drug Court and Judge Becker’s position as an acting Supreme Court justice may have increased the burden upon Delaware County taxpayers when added hours in additional courts may have prolonged pre-trial detentions in Delaware County jail of criminal defendants who are fed, clothed and medically treated at taxpayers’ expense.

If Judge Becker wanted to save money for the county, he should have stopped to systematically assign cases, at $75/hour including travel time, to attorneys from outside of Delaware County, passing over multiple attorneys who have offices within a walking distance from the courthouse.

Judge Becker stated in an interview that he saw a decrease in academic and social role models in school because of fewer students who are children of “doctors, lawyers and shopkeepers.” Being rich and educated is not a prerequisite to being a good parent and raising children as role models in school and to the community. Judge Becker stated in Family Court that a girl was “unlikely to be college material.” The girl’s parents were uneducated, but she wanted to go to college and cried when she heard the judge’s “sentence.” Judge Becker also stated that he ran for Family Court after being a prosecutor for Social Services because he was not happy, among other things, with “outcomes” in that court. A judge should not come to the bench to change outcomes of future cases, especially in favor of Social Services.

Vote for Gary Rosa.

Tatiana Neroni