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April 29, 2013

Online comments detract from news articles

The Daily Star

---- — Online comments detract from news articles

Having been a reader of The Daily Star most of my life, I would like to suggest that you turn off the website feature of being able to comment on each article. For years now I have read the online version of the paper and do not find much value in all of the online trolls that constantly drone on and on about their agenda in every article, including articles that are not even relevant.

These people can still have a forum for their opinion through the traditional letters to the editor. The trolling and majority of negative comments really detract from the articles being published. If you feel they should be kept on the site, at least relocate them on each article page to an area below the story such that you really have to scroll down to see them.

From what I see of the comments, the majority are from a very select few. There have been some great comments in stories from time to time and some interesting information added by others who had legitimate information to contribute, but the trolls’ comments are old and worn out. I shudder at what people from outside the area think when they check in to the website. If you must keep the comments section, at least move them to their own section and not with the original story.

Brian Webster