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May 8, 2013

Leadership lacking in Manor decision

The Daily Star

---- — Because sacrifice for American ideals was universal, a child born today inherits a turnkey country, most of which was built and paid for since 1940. Roads, bridges, schools, airports, weather equipment, the USPS, colleges, hospitals, communications, medical and commercial technologies — enough to add 15 years to the average life, all local, county, state and national parks and buildings, and our military were added through citizen labor and taxes. Add war costs except President George W. Bush’s. 

As a young child during World War II, I paid 10 cents for a War Bond coupon. Adults tossed their War Bonds into “bond fires,” so I did the same with my coupon, which incidentally would have purchased two ice cream cones.

Some voters supported Bush’s wars by re-electing him. I estimated we will sacrifice $4 trillion for his war efforts, or only $52,000 per family. Republican Pat Buchanan recently offered a figure of $6 trillion, which would cost every U.S. family $77,777.

Showing their support for American values, our county “representatives” indicate their appreciation by purposefully ignoring citizens while showing determination to take away the Manor safety net at the same time that World War II veterans and those who sacrificed for America can’t work or provide anymore.

There are many unexplored choices other than giving ownership of a $35 million property to another greedy outfit that will demand massive tax concessions, etc.

A representative government “represents” without dictating. Otsego County has no leadership. Members’ lack of Christian-type values alluded to in Dr. Douglas DeLong’s April 20 letter, their uncaring approach to aging veterans, and their lack of appreciation for dedicated, skilled employees bring shame to Otsego County! I am embarrassed for each of you!

Charlie Pierce