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November 6, 2012

Pro-gas comments are ill-informed

The Daily Star

---- — Pro-gas comments are ill-informed

In her Oct. 26 letter, Jeanne Bridger of Maryland conveniently labeled the more than 700 people opposed to the gas pipeline at the FERC scoping hearing as “puppets” of Adrian Kuzminski. I’m surprised someone could come to such a condescending conclusion after listening to the intelligent, well-researched comments of these folks, who spoke for about six hours, even though the hearing was only supposed to last for three. 

Ms. Bridger’s comments, on the other hand, do not seem so well-informed, as she reiterated the same misinformation as most of the half-dozen pro-pipeline people who spoke at the hearing. Why do people keep talking about the supposed cheap methane this pipeline will provide us? The developers have said the gas is spoken for in other markets, and the pamphlet distributed at the hearing clearly states that the gas will not be available for local residential use.

There was some booing at the meeting toward the small handful of pro-pipeline speakers, but other anti-pipeline participants asked the crowd to respect everyone’s freedom of speech. It is no great surprise that people are angry about having this pipeline foisted on them. Many of the speakers face the loss of their land, and are understandably upset with a government that seems intent on forcing them to give over their property rights to Cabot and Williams, companies with egregious records of safety violations. Anyone who cares about constitutional rights should be opposed to the government stealing people’s private property to enrich private corporations like Cabot and Williams.

It is apparent to many, as well, that the long-term plan is to ship this gas to places like China and India, where methane costs up to 10 times as much. What will that do for national energy independence?

Chris Hammond