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November 8, 2012

Walk a milein others' shoes

The Daily Star

---- — OK, it’s thankfully over. The elections I mean, and now to get back to mending fences and friendships. Our country is severely divided 50/50 over the race for presidency, and though I can say I am happy at the outcome, I am also aware that some very good friends of mine are not. I am sorry that your candidate did not win, but I am not going to gloat.

In the end, I believe that every voter is voting his or her beliefs, based on the shoes he or she walks in. That’s right, one cannot understand another person’s points of view, his fears and phobias, his dreams and cares unless they walk in his shoes. There is usually a lot of lies and truths while campaigning. Who in their right minds can fathom the truth from all the propaganda that you hear? Can you?

So in the end, it comes down to the shoes. It’s what each individual sees fit to do for themselves. May we proceed in peace.

Dawn M. Anderson