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November 9, 2012

Republicans dealing with stages of grief

The Daily Star

---- — Denial: You lost to the guy you’ve demonized for four years. You deserved to lose and it wasn’t even close. You lost because a majority of voters refused to buy your fear-mongering. You lost because Americans are, by and large, decent folks whose response to extremism is to vote against it.

Anger: As Dorothy Parker said of Katherine Hepburn, your emotions run the gamut from A to B. You’re either outraged at the left or furious at your own moderates. You could channel that anger toward your own failed policies and poor candidates, but that would require honest self-appraisal. (The idea probably just incenses you.)

Bargaining: You’ve pushed away anyone who isn’t in lock-step with your giddy self-righteousness. Now you can start bargaining with almost anyone you meet walking down almost any street. The odds are good they are someone you previously alienated. Start meeting others halfway and make amends, if that’s possible.

Depression: You built it. You deluded yourself into thinking Romney could win by misrepresenting everything he discussed. Instead he lost and helped shoot down other GOP candidates. Not that they didn’t deserve it and, since many had already shot themselves in the feet, his actions were arguably merciful.

Acceptance: The electorate said, “We’ll have to talk about this later.” That’s two to four years. You can use that time to think about how to be meaningful in modern America. Or you can wallow in your denial and anger and sink deeper into irrelevance. In the short term, your anger benefits the Democratic Party, but in the long term it’s bad for America and all of us. What do you want? Is it about the country, or is it really just about you?

Larry Bennett

East Meredith