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Letters to the Editor

December 16, 2013

'Civic duty of voting' is an illusion|

Mitchell Lynch's Oct. 28 article regarding the “civic duty of voting” is disturbing. He claims America to be a “free nation.” I don't understand how anyone who considers themselves remotely educated can call America a “free nation,” when the first tenet of communism is fundamental to the American political scene; that is, to have a central authority control the monetary system. 

In case you're wondering what that authority is, it's the Federal Reserve. He then uses circular reasoning to explain away the reality that “my vote doesn't count,” by saying, “I've heard the excuses ... they are just excuses.” 

Really, Mr. Lynch? Is that the best you can argue in favor of voting? Perhaps it is because the idea of voting making a difference is akin to doing a rain dance and expecting it to rain. You may get lucky and it may rain, but your dance had nothing to do with it. Voting is merely a ritual to give you the illusion that you have power over the decisions of your political masters.

Politicians will tell you anything in order to get into power. Barack Obama is a perfect example. He campaigned as an anti-war president, but since he's been in power he has slowed the exiting of troops out of Iraq, escalated the military occupation in Afghanistan, increased drone bombings in Pakistan, supported the bombing of Libya by NATO and now is attempting to intervene in a war in Syria.

Lynch then goes on to state that it is an insult to those in the military to not vote. I consider it an insult to the millions of civilians who have died due to U.S. military occupations to be complicit in such a murderous system you so enthusiastically vote for!

Dan Rorick


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