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December 18, 2013

Frack opinions skewed by self-interest

The Daily Star

---- — Every day I become more opinionated on the fracking issue. Here’s my feelings. 

Most people on either side are not really qualified to make a decision for or against fracking. I know I’m not. The hypocrisy, ignorance and personal values are distorting the issue on both sides. The very ones against still drive cars, heat their homes and beg for greener alternatives, while many who are for fracking just crave profits. 

There’s no doubt we need energy, and with that pursuit comes risk. How many of those driving small towns into lawsuits are spending their own money? Shouldn’t both sides be concerned with hiring independent people to research the issue and inform us so we all benefit? Taxpayers spend millions a year to support our state DEC, but their opinion is easily compromised by political agendas. 

Bottom line is, we need energy, and the cleaner, the better. We should educate ourselves and stop making lawyers rich by spending money our towns can’t afford. Let’s get together and secure our future. Until something better comes along, we need to use the resources we have. There is nothing perfect in an imperfect world.

John Ottesen


Ottesen is a small-business owner.