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December 26, 2013

Sun's energy could provide all we need

The Daily Star

---- — It never ceases to amaze me how right-wingers display their ignorance and stupidity like a merit badge!

Claiming sunshine and wind are unreliable energy sources while pretending fossil fuels will last forever is an absurd proposition and demonstrates a level of ignorance beyond comprehension! 

Just relying on the sun will generate trillions of watts per sq. mile of land area used each year. In just 40 minutes, the amount of sunlight striking the Earth equals the total annual energy consumption of the entire planet, and in one day will produce 27 years of energy for the entire planet given current consumption patterns.

As for fossil fuels, the planet’s combined energy reserves of coal, oil and gas equal about 20 days of solar energy if we use about 1 percent of the sun’s total output; it takes 800 barrels of crude oil to equal the solar energy striking 1 acre in Texas over a year. I could go on ...

A small village in Germany developed a wind farm, a solar power and a bio-gas plant, and now earns an annual income selling excess power back to the national grid. We can do the same here in Otsego County and all across Upstate New York.

There is more than enough energy from the sun alone to power this planet almost ‘forever,’ but only a complete paradigm shift in Washington will permit us to curb our current addiction to climate-altering fossil fuels and move toward a sustainable approach based on inexhaustible and renewable energy sources, like the sun. But as long as politicians corrupted by oil and gas industry money insist on maintaining the status quo at all costs, we will continue speeding toward climate catastrophe and an uncertain future that will negatively impact every living thing on this planet, including right-wingers!

Richard Averett