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January 6, 2014

Thank a Democrat for 2014 prosperity

The Daily Star

---- — Thank a Democrat for 2014 prosperity

The New Year begins!

The stock market is 16,500 — an all-time high. Unemployment fell to 7 percent, a five-year low. Borrowing rates remain low. To quote your AP story, “Four straight months of robust hiring have raised hopes that 2014 will be the year the economy returns to normal.”

The millions of citizens who are not insured will be healthier and will save us all money.

In New York state, we got our third on-time budget and closed the $10 billion budget deficit with no new taxes for the middle-class.

Your Social Security is secure. Inflation is stable. Pensions are safe. The minimum wage will increase, helping those who work in lower-paying jobs.

So, PLEASE, this year, I would love it if we all could resolve to thank a Democrat!

Katherine Mario