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March 31, 2014

In Your Opinion: Truth about pipeline hasn't been told

The Daily Star

---- — “He-said/She-said” Fox News-style coverage belongs in sports pages. The Daily Star has ignored Constitution pipeline supporters’ misrepresentations most recently by failing to invest reporter time on DEIS investigation. Thus, our first responders, infrastructure and social fabric are imperiled. One lie — pipe capacity and pounds per square inch pressure — was easily detected.

There are many others.

The “burn zone,” that industry term for the 4,000-foot area on each side of its pipe, swamps regional schools in at least two instances, by hundreds of feet from this first pipeline through our region.

This week, at four 7 p.m. meetings (Richmondville, Oneonta, Afton and New Milford, Pa.), citizens can do what our “journalism outlets” did not — expose the inherent risk of the fossil fuel industry’s death rattle.


China plans the world’s largest solar project; Ithaca installs a solar tree farm along Rachel Carson Way; and Oneonta “enjoys” a road-ruining, non-solar apartment complex. 

Make no mistake — unchecked, this industry will continue taking our democracy down with them.

Which politicians will speak first and represent the industry again? Will Dick Miller again tell us Constitution is unrelated to fracking? Where is the local business-friendly Chamber on this?

Read the DEIS at Stop the Constitution Pipeline’s website.

Or just connect Mirabito press release/press conference dots.

Constitution is open-access, and parallels existing fracking permits through our region.

Your town has a ban? Great.

You will still drive through, work near or with someone in “the burn zone” as this time the industry won’t be “merely” trampling Iraqis, Afghanistanis or Africans. It is coming for us.

Tape the basketball games.

Leave the couch.

Attend the real “final four” next week.

Daily Star: Focus on facts, not “manners” this time.

Lisa Barr