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April 1, 2014

In Your Opinion: Let's turn the tide at midterm elections

The Daily Star

---- — Voters need to wake up and demand answers to what is going on in government.

The Obama administration picks and chooses laws to enforce while ignoring the Defense of Marriage Act, immigration laws, federal drug laws, evidenced by overlooking marijuana in Colorado and Washington, to name a few. 

Operation Fast and Furious left a dead border patrol agent and chastised the ATF agent who blew the whistle questioning superiors’ actions. IRS head Lois Lerner claiming Fifth Amendment like mob figures to avoid prosecution and stymie congressional investigation concerning conservative organizations’ tax status with the Justice Department refusing instituting a special prosecutor to follow leads like over 100 visits to the White House by her, which would indicate abuse of power. Benghazi with dead ambassador and three other Americans and Hillary Clinton’s dismissal of investigation stating, “What difference does it make?” Spying on news media to determine reporters’ sources of information but had no problem giving filmmakers top-secret information to produce “Zero Dark Thirty” for release preceding Obama’s re-election.

How did dysfunctional government manage to barricade and close national parks and monuments within about six hours of a midnight vote by the Democratic Senate despite House voting to finance all government with exception of Obamacare fiasco? “Let the people hurt” and blame the other guy. Obama now wants Internet domain developed by American companies, numbering some 10 billion domains, turned over to the United Nations, which would undoubtedly would tax “rich” American and European users so bureaucrats could give Internet access to impoverished countries while enriching themselves.

People have to look through the charade and make their vote count in the midterm election and right the last five years of Chicago-style attacks on our nation, before our children and grandchildren have nothing left! 

Edward V. Dawyot

Mount Vision