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September 23, 2013

Former Redskins have plenty of un-PC opponents

The Daily Star

---- — Let me see, the Cooperstown High School football team (we’re so PC we can’t call them Redskins) opened its season with no wins and two losses. On opening day, they lost to a team named the Waterville Indians; second week, they lost to a team named, yup, the West Canada Indians. If they played Richfield Springs this year, the smart money says bet on the Indians. 

Next, the “don’t call me Redskins” will play a team of Devils; and still to come on the schedule will be the Magicians, the Marauders and, yes, another group of Indians.

Maybe if they were truly PC, they’d refuse to compete (maybe that’s a bad word with Cooperstown football) against all these terrible, insensitive groups of haters!

So glad we are soooo PC in our community — not.

Always will remain a “Cooperstown Redskin!”

William (Bill) Tallman