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September 27, 2013

Kosmer has record as principled thinker

The Daily Star

---- — John Kosmer is running again for representative on the Otsego County Board, and I plan to vote for him on Election Day.

Kosmer was the only person on the board to oppose the sale of the Otsego Manor and to submit a plan whereby the county might be able to keep it. The fact that he had the courage and the strength to stand alone and refuse to give in to the pressure inherent in his situation to “join the crowd” makes me confident that he has much to contribute to the thinking of this collective body. I trust people in political life who stand on their principles and are willing to take the heat that inevitably accompanies their opposition to majority opinion. 

If you, too, after examining his record as a capable public servant, decide that how he acted in the struggle over selling the Manor has won your respect and trust, please join me in voting for John Kosmer. 

Hilda Wilcox