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October 19, 2013

Letter on NY SAFE Act went overboard

The Daily Star

---- — Letter on NY SAFE Act went overboard

I have to ask this question: Did anybody else find the letter from Edward Danielski a bit overzealous, a bit ridiculous, even somewhat amusing? 

Thanks to our Constitution, you, Mr. Danielski, are able to voice your opinion, as am I.

A lawless county? Because a sheriff, who does not work for King Cuomo, refused to waste his department’s time enforcing stupid laws that only affect law-abiding gun owners, not criminals? He is an elected official, not appointed by the king!

Should mentally unstable people have guns? No! But the rest of the NY SAFE Act is a bunch of worthless nonsense, written and slammed through in the middle of the night! Notice how your governor has been sneaking around to events to avoid being called to the carpet in public.

No bad guy (the ones who obviously commit gun crimes), is going to only load seven rounds, much less get rid of his high-capacity magazines, register or turn in his magazine-fed semi-auto rifle, or follow any other SAFE Act law.

Doug Hoag