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November 4, 2013

Not worth voting in Oneonta anymore

The Daily Star

---- — Does voting in Oneonta really matter? With a mayor who is running unopposed and many other towns and county government seats the same, why vote? Let’s just let “the good ol’ boys” do whatever they want and then complain that Center Street School is closed because “those slumlords” let students take over the city.

No new families move in because of a lack of afforadable housing for low-to-moderate incomes.

The Bank of Cooperstown needs to demolish two homes by Neahwa Park because it can’t find any available commercial space in our area.

The city can’t open Neahwa Park pool, so kids on River Street need to schlep to Wilber Park to swim. I don’t know why kids get involved with drugs since we take such good care of them.

Police officers in Oneonta start at $36,000 a year plus benefits and tell me they have a hard time making ends meet.

Our civil servants’ pensions are not funded and the county can’t run a nursing home.

One of the members of the zoning board who lives on Ford Avenue needed to be reminded three times this fall to move his 3-foot-tall leaf bags, of which there were many, off the sidewalk, so as not to block foot traffic.

Does Oneonta really matter anymore?

Irene C. Gallaer