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March 5, 2013

Laurens needs more than high taxes to survive

The Daily Star

---- — My wife and I have lived in the rural town of Laurens for nearly 50 years and have paid more than $40,000 in local taxes.

During these many years:

• The enrollment in Laurens Central School has gone down and down;

• The number of active farms has gone down and down;

• The number of businesses has gone down and down!

The only things that have gone up are the taxes, the size of the school and the number of senior citizens.

I wonder who is going to pay the taxes to support our town when we old folks either move to Florida or die off.

What the town of Laurens seems to need is an economic boom, a windfall of financial help. It sure would be nice to have some business concern come to our Laurens that would help pay for our school, our fire departments and our highway departments.

Denying such an economic opportunity for the town of Laurens is the kiss of death for our future.

I wonder what the town board is planning to do to save our town from penury.

Or, will our board simply watch the town of Laurens become a ghost town, a poor man's tourist attraction?

Joe Martin