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Letters to the Editor

January 4, 2013

Intent of Constitution works both ways

Regarding the debate over the Second Amendment, and without trying to take sides, I have a question.

I keep reading where people claim the original intent of the Second Amendment was for the use of muskets, not semi-automatic weapons. In other words, we should adhere only to what was familiar to the Founding Fathers.

Well, if that’s true, what about gay marriage or abortion? It’s also claimed that it was the intent of the Founding Fathers to give the right to marry to all people, even gays. Really?

Considering what a heinous sin homosexuality was considered to be when The Constitution was written, can anyone honestly say the writers of The Constitution meant it cover homosexuality?

So the argument of these folks seems to be the Constitution changes to cover groups and causes they agree with but doesn’t change to cover causes they don’t agree with.

You can’t have it both ways, if you want to read the Constitution strictly as written, fine, but that also includes the causes progressives are pushing.

If you want gun owners to go back to muskets, then others have to be prepared to go back to where things were back then, also.

Thomas Buffington


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