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January 10, 2013

Just give every person a gun

The Daily Star

---- — To the Chuck Pinkeys and Wayne LaPierres of this country, the solution to stopping the gun violence is for everyone to own a gun.

Foolish statements such as “the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun” abound. Face it, the NRA and the arms industry that supports them know how much money they will make and how much leverage it gives them in Washington, D.C.

People like Brian Weidman are so very concerned with the Second Amendment ... as if the untrained rabble of armed citizens could possibly stand up to the military might of this country. This is not a solution!

There is a simple (not entirely tongue-in-cheek) solution that maintains the Second Amendment and provides a completely fair and equitable way to maintain our right to bear arms ... simply confiscate all guns and provide every citizen, male and female, over 18 years of age with a government-issued gun with the individuals’ name and a serial number engraved on the barrel. These guns would be identical in shape, size and bore: six-feet-long muzzle loaders.

Knowing that you only have one shot before someone disarms you (or worse) would have a dramatic effect on gun violence. Hunters can still hunt. Target shooters can still shoot.

Re-enactors can still re-enact and wannabees can strut around with a gun on their shoulder.

Guns in schools is not a sensible or safe solution nor is it practical.

Getting rid of automatic and semi-automatic weapons is a giant step in the right direction. These weapons have only one purpose: killing people, not hunting, target-shooting or anything else.

Richard Stinson

South Kortright