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January 16, 2013

Government, too, must pay its share

The Daily Star

---- — In the last four years, we have seen our worldwide respect diminished, terrorism still a huge threat, continuous billions added to our national debt, our economy in the toilet. Government takeover of health care, additional needless expansion of government, job stimulus investments squandered on unscrupulous corporations, and billions borrowed from unfriendly China to finance all this wasted, irresponsible economy management. 

Sadly, most states resort to the same budgetary tactics: overtax, overspend, then borrow. I feel that all federal, state and local elected and appointed representatives’ and their staffs’ wages, pensions, health care and other stipends should be scrutinized by a qualified organization chosen by taxpayers to bring all government expenditures down equal to that of the private sector. “Cadillac” plans should be eliminated and eligibility and requirements made equal that of the private sector immediately, then frozen at that level until they completely eliminate budget deficit spending and borrowing. 

Politicians and unions forced industries to unaffordable wages, taxation and regulations, and did nothing to replace the shortfall of Social Security funds. They should also have to sacrifice for their mismanagement by being required to help eliminate future Social Security shortfalls, by requiring all federal, state and local representatives and staff to pay into the Social Security pension and Medicare plans equal to private-sector workers. This may also help stop raiding Social Security funds. No one should be exempt. Equal coverage to all participants, at a predetermined retirement age. 

This may seem stupid to some, but really, folks, what could possibly be stupider than to continue to allow irresponsible public employees to determine their own pay, raises, retirements, medical, stipends, benefits, etc? Obama preaches we should all pay our fair share, and I agree. But let’s start at the top on down.

Howard T. Lynch