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January 28, 2013

Gun law will dump problem on other states

The Daily Star

---- — Gun law will dump problem on other states

Through the recent enactment of sweeping gun legislation by Gov. Cuomo and the state Legislature, the law states citizens of New York have one year to dispose of their high-capacity magazines “out of state.” 

This means these magazines will be removed from the sanctuary of the law-abiding gun owners’ possession and be sold by whatever means (read, the Internet) to who knows out of state. 

Does that really solve any problems? Think about it. All those who wanted these instruments removed from the streets have done nothing to end their existence other than removing them from New York and dumping them on other states to mostly unknown individuals. You have no defense for these actions. 

We are now burdened with magazines holding seven rounds. This will make many firearms such as a simple Ruger 22 cal rifle obsolete. Their magazines are designed for 10 rounds, and seven-round magazines don’t exist. Along with the many other firearms including “ assault weapons” that were made illegal, these also will be sold “out of state.” 

New York has just become a major player in the gun trade. I own a gun shop and agree with parts of this legislation, but many parts of it are ill-conceived and unconstitutional. The middle-of-the-night passage of this legislation without professional review or public comment was in total disregard of the citizens of this state and the country in general. 

John Ottesen