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March 20, 2013

National debt is a national disgrace

The Daily Star

---- — What bold-faced lies we must listen to. According to our president; the sky would fall if sequestration occurred. First off, it was his idea in order to prevent problems before election, but never mind whose idea it was … it’s all bogus. The 2012 budget was $3.796 trillion and the proposed 2013 was $3.803 trillion. That was an increase of .007 trillion dollars or about $7 billion. So a few level-headed Washington types said that we cannot continue borrowing from China and expect our grandchildren to pay the bill. We should not have an increase in our spending but a decrease. And it needs to be large enough to reverse the national debt.

But that would require a reduction in federal spending. The ruling party is concerned that if the federal gravy train is derailed it will lose some votes in 2014 or 2016. It probably will. To avoid that possibility, the president and his designees have had a constant parade of people who will starve if we don’t pass budget increases. With nearly half of our population directly or indirectly dependent on federal spending, it is likely that voters will continue to vote for the big spenders with no thought as to who will pay the bill. What then do we do?

Our national debt is a disgrace. We were the nation that conquered fascism, slowed the growth of Soviet communism, was the technical and business leader of the western world for half a century, and fought for freedom around the globe.

Today we have a national debt of around $17 trillion. We each owe about $52,000. The average income in the U.S. is $47,000. So we owe more than a year’s salary to pay our debt.

Time to stop spending. Call it whatever you want, but government spending must be curtailed. So I say “sequester away.”

Edward W. Stammel