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March 22, 2013

Worth spending more for Manor care

The Daily Star

---- — Worth spending more for Manor care

I am an Otsego County resident and taxpayer, I am also an Otsego County employee. I do not feel that selling our county-run nursing home to the “highest qualified” bidder is in the best interest of this county or its public.

Furthermore, if you truly wanted to “gather” public input and involvement, you would wait on re-voting until the public meetings are done so you could actually hear what the community has to say on the subject. This is a county-run public facility — of course it’s going to cost money to run! We were willing to subsidize the garbage in this county for how long? Yet you are not willing to do the same for our parents or grandparents? This is a community resource that is needed and I for one am willing to pay a little more to keep it.

There are no guarantees what will happen to the residents if it’s privatized, no matter how many times you say it’s going to be a reputable company. I would not want to see what has happened in Delaware or Fulton counties happen here.

We can’t afford to lose the valuable care that the Otsego Manor as a county-run public facility provides this community and its seniors.

Crystal Davidson