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Letters to the Editor

August 30, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Aug. 30, 2012

Volunteering can

help with job search

Young adults and adolescents are among the hardest-hit groups during this recession. With an economy that can best be described   as “slow to recover,” we seem to be the last folks hired and the first folks fired.

Lawmakers generally tend to concern themselves with other voting blocs, but this epidemic among young Americans should not   be ignored. How can we get the experience necessary to hold a job when nobody will hire us because we don’t have that experience?

Getting that experience is only one benefit of volunteering. I was an unemployed college graduate when a friend gave me priceless   advice: if you can’t get a job in your field, volunteer in your field. Now, as a graduate student, my experiences as a volunteer   have made me more well-rounded and engaging in the classroom. My resume is bulkier and more attractive. I have more friends.   

I’ve discovered more about myself.

It’s a wonder more young people don’t volunteer, but I can understand why: trying something new can be scary for some people.   Some people may not have much free time or energy. Even our leaders don’t often trumpet their volunteer experiences, nor do   they often urge others to volunteer.

Volunteering, like most things worth doing, has short- and long-term benefits. The biggest obstacle is getting started, but   it’s very smooth sailing from there.

Nico Meyering


You can’t be

friends with gas

As I passed a “Friends of natural gas” sign I wondered: What’s it like to be ‘friends’ with a gas? No sharing of good times   or the important events in our lives over a beer, or helping each other, there. They must mean being ‘friends’ with the gas   drillers, aka frackers. But these are the same people the landowner coalitions say they will protect us from, so that we don’t   sign a detrimental lease. ‘Friends’ like this we need to keep a close eye on, and not get too comfortable with.

We also see signs about ‘responsible’ fracking. If this industry did not have numerous exemptions from laws protecting us   and the environment, it couldn’t even operate. Until these exemptions are removed, and there are civil and criminal penalties   for violations, there can not even be a pretense of responsibility.

Our state government couldn’t even call for a health impact study of this dangerous and contentious process. Until this process   is proven safe by a respected and independent scientific study, and its impact on New York life is carefully evaluated, there   doesn’t seem to be any responsibility or friendliness on the part of the industry or Gov. Cuomo.

David Grodsky

New Berlin

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