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October 11, 2012

In Your Opinion: Medicare payments will be reduced

The Daily Star

---- — Medicare payments will be reduced

The reduction in Medicare payments to health care providers over the next 10 years will be very significant. The Medicare trust funds pledged to fund President Obama’s Health Care Act was, according to official records, $716 billion.

Anyone expecting to retire with Medicare health care benefits should be alerted that over the next 10-year period, at least, payments to doctors and health care providers will be drastically reduced. This can be verified by going to the Internet and checking The Affordable Health Care Act provisions.

These Medicare payment gradually increasing reductions are a financial burden on the health care industry. Seniors may be affected by health care providers who cannot afford to operate on the reduced payments. Medicare benefits to Medicare patients will not be reduced, which can be a comfort to patients.

It is important that the public be aware of this, as it will have an effect on everyone, if not now, in the near future.

Louis Nicholson

Fly Creek

Republican reality hurt

In a 9/25/12 letter, a lifelong Republican told of his change in politics. Howson A. Hartley resigned from the Republican Party after 50 years in a leadership position. Such is a sign of hope for America. A total of 31.25 percent of registered voters are Republicans, yet because of big money and strong dedication, they control Congress, the Supreme Court, and, too often, the presidency.

Contrary to Republicans, Democrats strongly support Social Security, Medicare, women’s, workers’ and personal rights, war only as a last resort, equal pay, shared sacrifice, competitive bidding on Medicare drugs, and humane assistance for persons in real trouble. Corporate welfare is not usually backed.

Democrats are working so much they don’t participate as diligently as wealthier Republicans do. Look around and see what The Great Republican Recession and your lack of voting have cost America.

The Supreme Court in Citizens United makes corporations “people.” Five Republicans have become a legislative body equal to a combination of Congress and the president. The right wing is now comfortable writing laws to suppress minority voting.

Most Americans, when questioned on specifics, respond as humane and caring individuals who love America with all its rights, challenges and unlimited opportunities.

Few approve massive corporate welfare. 

Republicans taking a $5.77 trillion surplus to a $16 trillion deficit is something we can’t afford. Some want more of it! Simultaneously spending on two long, unfunded wars, multiple Bush tax breaks, massive corporate welfare giveaways, and trillions in interest will kill any economy. American voters need to face reality as Howson has.

Vote Democrats into office!

Charles F. Pierce


Congressman has

it too good

Recent letters about a 2012 congressional candidate raise controversial issues.

However, this congressman has a very strong record on several counts:

1. He does not want to extend present government benefits to anyone who has not been on the U.S. payroll itself.

2. He believes that budgets can be balanced by raising military spending while cutting taxes.

3. He never votes to decrease his own benefits.

4. He devoutly wants to remain a federal employee.

It would be a weeping shame to deny this extraordinary representative his pay and comfortable life at the D.C. trough.

Robert Moynihan