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October 17, 2012

Gibson is wrong for Otsego County

The Daily Star

---- — Because people are so concerned with their everyday lives, they may not be aware that all of Otsego County is now part of the new 19th Congressional District, which means they are voting for a new United States congressman in November.

The change in our district means Richard Hanna is gone: Richard Hanna, the soft-spoken Republican moderate who managed to evade the toxicity of the Tea Party; the same Rep. Hanna who was more reflective of a predecessor named Sherwood Boehlert in seeing the many shades of gray in political issues and how they affect the lives of common people.

Instead, Otsego County now has a Tea Party replacement for Richard Hanna in the likeable persona of Chris Gibson. Someone who has a distinguished military career and is very cordial at town hall meetings, but unfortunately has a voting record that is in lock-step with the extremist wing of the Republican Party — a narrowly focused record that wants to transform Medicare into a voucher system and diminish the status of women by not only implying they are too immature to take control of their own lives but voting to codify it through legislation in the United States Congress.

The middle class men and women of Otsego County deserve better than someone who takes his marching orders from oil billionaires like the Koch brothers of Texas whose agenda is Big Energy and who now are even strangling the CATO institute into a more radical agenda — an institute that was the darling of Conservative Party legend William F. Buckley Jr. (the same person who threw out the extremist John Birch Society from conservative ranks in the 1960s).

Chris Gibson is no Richard Hanna. Gibson is wrong for Otsego County.

Timothy Gibson