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October 24, 2012

Pipeline does have links to fracking

The Daily Star

---- — Williams has told the public repeatedly that the Constitution Pipeline has nothing to do with fracking. Mayor Dick Miller and Rep. Linda Rowinski helped win approval of the Otsego County Board resolution approving Route “M” based on their strong assertions that this pipeline has nothing to do with fracking. Michael German, CEO of Corning Natural Gas, stated that Leatherstocking Gas Co., owned by Mirabito Holdings and Corning Gas, has “nothing to do with drilling.”

Is this true? Is this factual?

In a 2012 quarterly filing, Corning Natural Gas SEC said: “Additionally, Leatherstocking continues to be in discussions with municipal officials along the I-88 corridor in New York State. Leatherstocking is still acquiring municipal utility franchises and intends to connect to existing and new gas production in the area. Leatherstocking officials also intend to connect to the Constitution Pipeline ...”

Additionally, Williams’ CEO, Alan Armstrong, recently said this to investors: “We’re putting together the kind of infrastructure that makes drilling in the Marcellus even more desirable for producers because we provide large-scale infrastructure solutions that connect producers’ natural gas and natural gas liquids to the best markets.”

These statements, coupled with the fact that there is a significant cluster of new gas drilling permits issued by the DEC along the proposed Constitution Pipeline, paint a very different picture. Perhaps the most obvious and disturbing connection between the pipeline and drilling, however, is the fact that the gas being transported is at the expense of the many citizens in Pennsylvania who have lost their homes, their health, their water and their beautiful natural environment. 

Anyone who has concerns, comments or interest about the pipeline, please come to the FERC scoping hearing today at the Foothills Performing Arts Center from 7 to 10 p.m. Your future depends on it. 

Rachel Soper