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October 24, 2012

Questions remain on Benghazi attack

The Daily Star

---- — I’m having trouble understanding all this stuff about an attack on our embassy in Benghazi, Libya, on 9/11. 

First we are told it’s a demonstration about a video by the president, secretary of state and ambassador to the United Nations. Then we hear that the State Department says that there was no demonstration and were watching what turned out to be an attack by al-Qaida in real time. Who did they tell about this? 

Still a week later, we are told that this was a demonstration. But we are also told that the government knew in 24 hours that it was an attack by al-Qaida. People that were there say they had been asking for more security, but the vice president said that they didn’t know they wanted more security. Strange, don’t you think? 

The president has said that as soon as they find out something, they will tell us, so I’m guessing he doesn’t know what’s going on or he is afraid to tell us. I guess that’s why he went on a fundraising trip the next day. But not to worry, we will have a full investigation to find out what happened. 

I do wonder, though: will the investigators be the same ones that are investigating Fast and Furious? And how long will it take? So I wrote a little ditty for the president to the tune of “Ohio.”

Al-Qaida and Ahmadinejad’s coming,

We’re finally on our own,

This fall I hear the drumming,

Four dead in Benghazi.

Ward Davis