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December 10, 2013

Haste made waste for Obamacare

The Daily Star

---- — The Affordable Care Act was nothing more than an insurance restructuring bill passed hastily through a Congress that wanted their names associated with health care reform and signed by a president that wanted to be remembered as the man that tackled America’s health care problem. Unfortunately, haste makes waste, as we learned in kindergarten. The administration blatantly lied to the American people numerous times about the bill, yet won’t allow a second look at something that is crippling the middle class and the economy.

Supply-and-demand doesn’t work in a forced system of purchase; even the ninth-grade economist knows that. We live in an economy where we work to live or don’t live at all. There’s no balance; no life, liberty or property. Republican, conservative, liberal, Democrat — are all to blame. We, the people, turned a blind eye to the corruption of big government. We have the power to change the way things are, yet we are more concerned with pop culture than actively participating in government.

I’m all for real health care reform. It’s unacceptable that so many Americans have no health coverage, that we live in a society that the average emergency room visit costs a month’s salary (maybe more) for someone on minimum wage, but forcing a population to purchase a product that they already couldn’t afford and now costs more is insane. When it comes to health care, the first question we need to ask is not how we can force everyone to get health insurance; it should be why they can’t afford it to begin with. When we answer that question, we can have a comprehensive health care reform bill, not something put together by the political egos of Congress and a president.

Christopher Tarbell