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September 20, 2012

Letters to the Editor: September 20, 2012

The Daily Star

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Sign vandalism was appalling

While traveling to Cooperstown from Morris through Hartwick, I came upon what I felt was an appalling sight. One of “our” signs (the anti-frackers) had been converted to one of “their” signs. “No Drill — No Spill” was changed with a crude cut-and-paste to read “Drill Now!”

We who are opposed to hydrofracking have contributed personally to buy these signs. We have given the signs out freely to those requesting them without charge.

Does the multibillion-dollar natural gas industry not have any money to give you (you know who you are) for signs or are you just showing your disdain for us and our cause? Either way, please don’t do this anymore. You certainly wouldn’t like us to change “Friends of Natural Gas” to “Friends of Clean Air and Clean Water,” would you?

Marilyn Roveland


Oneonta can’t think for itself

Over 10 years ago, while planning retirement, I researched a variety of small cities and found Oneonta to be a winner in several different categories. Two colleges, several upscale industries, two established medical centers, a new Soccer Hall of Fame, Kmart/Ames/ Walmart, 28 churches, etc.

What I thought would be a forward-thinking, creative and active population turns out to be one that is static, “cliqueish,” inept and apparently unable to think or govern themselves.

The city of Oneonta has separate offices for mayor, clerk, community development, personnel, purchasing and chamberlain, yet spent $30K for a Vermont outfit to invent “Oneonta: Life Enjoyed.”

The need for a city manager is obvious, but the real slap in the face is hiring an out-of-state consultant to interview and select said manager.

I find it hard to believe that two or three people with experience and training in HR couldn’t be found to form a volunteer search committee to hire a city manager.

Mary King