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December 28, 2012

California law restricts rights

The Daily Star

---- — California law

restricts rights

How ironic, yet predictable, that The Daily Star supports the California law penalizing mental-health professionals who counsel anyone younger than 18 against homosexual behavior.

The Star’s editors are liberals. The irony is that they support a law that restricts 1.) what counselors can say, infringing on free speech rights; 2.) what parents can do, infringing on freedom of association; if they want their children to grow up heterosexual, they can’t seek the help of a mental health professional; and 3.) preventing Christian professionals from doing what they are called to do, infringing on religious freedom.

As followers of Christ, they are responsible for helping people overcome sin. It is no surprise that our faith considers homosexuality just that: sin. This law restricts the rights of parents, homosexual minors wanting professional help, mental-health professionals and Christians.

Taking away licenses of counselors who act according to their faith is persecution. And The Star blindly supports this march toward left-wing fascism. Predictable.

Prediction: The California legislators indicate that attempting to change the mind of an allegedly homosexual child is dangerous, abusive. So, we will probably have parents accused of child abuse for directing their children from behavior that is sinful.

It’s tragic that the law is an obstacle for those looking for redemption. We all struggle with sin. And we all need help from others, whether mental-health professionals, relatives, etc., to point us to God, who frees us from the slavery of sin. Having that help is important as we are led to victory over sin. It’s sad how those who promulgate and support these laws have such utter disregard for the Christian community.

Jerry Kabat