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August 16, 2013

'Natural law' not sufficient birth control

The Daily Star

---- — This letter is in reply to a recent letter to The Daily Star on family planning and natural law.

When my spouse I decided that we could happily stop at three children, we discussed my having a vasectomy, which I eventually did have. A vasectomy is an outpatient procedure done under local anesthesia. I was proud to have done this because I relieved my spouse of any further involvement in the matter. I took charge of my body, so to speak, consulted with a physician, the procedure was done. After all these years, it has been 100 percent successful. No other family planning method can say that.

The writer of the letter, however, discussed the issue of birth control as though it is virtually the woman’s job to bear the burden of birth control. Is this fair? I think not.

The writer discusses a rhythm form of birth control based on “Natural Law.” I don’t know what natural law is. Has any legislative body in the U.S. approved natural law? Does it have any legal recognition in the U.S.? I wonder who promulgates it in the U.S.? I know of no medical organization that would promote this method ahead of all other methods. 

Before I came to Cooperstown I was involved with the Indian Health Service in Alaska and had extensive experience there with The Alaska Native population and family planning. I am retired now and do not practice.

Dr. Charles J. Hudson