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November 29, 2012

Story on gas prices makes no sense

The Daily Star

---- — I have held off on writing this note in hopes that the local gas stations would stop taking advantage of Oneonta residents. For almost two years now local gas prices have been 15 cents to 20 cents higher in Oneonta than in Albany and Syracuse.

In the past, local fuel companies defended this, saying the cost to truck the fuel was the reason. Well, I always thought this reason was wrong because most local gas is trucked from the port of Albany. The same trucks go right through Oneonta to Binghamton where gas is 7 cents to 12 cents cheaper.

For the record on Friday, Nov. 23, the greed of local (Oneonta) gas stations hit a new high when I paid $3.78/gallon for gas in Otego, and the same gas was $3.95 in Oneonta on the same day.

Moral of the story, don’t shop local when it comes to gas! Betty Beavers and Mirabito were both selling gas 13 cents to 17 cents cheaper in Otego than Mirabito, Hess, Valero, Stewarts, Sunoco and Kwik Fill in Oneonta.

I am sure the gas stations will have many reasons why gas was 17 cents cheaper in Otego on Nov. 23 than the same gas in Oneonta. I welcome their answers, as do many residents in Oneonta.

Everett Baroni