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November 30, 2012

Leave Pacherille family alone

The Daily Star

---- — Leave Pacherille family alone

Cooperstown needs to stop picking on the Pacherille family. 

So what if Mr. Pacherille waves at the Lippitt boy or that the uncle of Anthony writes something on his computer about the situation? If someone had been bullying my child like it’s been revealed Wesley had been bullying Anthony, and my child had ended up in jail as a result of it all, I’d be giving the evil eye or waving to the perpetrator, also. Why does everything have to be treated as a crime?

The problem with Cooperstown is it’s always been a very prejudiced town that favors the older, established families.

The Lippitts have been around there for almost a century or more. The Pacherilles were newcomers. Need I say more?

L. Hall