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September 4, 2012

Letters to the Editor: September 3, 2012

The Daily Star

---- — Mall entrance

lane trouble

@Body Copy Ragged:

I just wish to say, something better should be placed at the Southside Mall traffic light, or have better trooper patrol, to keep traffic in the right lane.

I can’t say how many times our new car was almost sideswiped by a car in the right lane.

There is a sign that states that right lane traffic must turn right.

Maybe a concrete divider or something should go in to keep people from trying to ram into people.

People seem to be in such a rush, too, down by the mall area. They treat it as if they are still on the Thruway. The speed limit is 40 mph — not 50 or 60.


Ernie Davis


Seward deserves

to be re-elected

@Body Copy Ragged:

I have been hearing arguments that our senator, Jim Seward, has had the job too long. No other reason has come my ears to replace him.

As an employer, why would you consider “firing” a faithful employee who has served you for 26 years? As an employee, would you expect to lose your position for faithfully serving for 26 years, especially when you have kept your door open for all communication from your bosses?

Firefighters, would you replace your partner just because he or she’s got your back for 26 years? Sportsmen, would you replace your hunting or fishing partner of 26 years just because he or she’s been your partner for 26 years?

Think of what Sen. Jim Seward has done in the 26 years for you.

Sen. Seward has admirably served the firefighters, sportsmen, small business and our rural school education establishments admirably.

As our “employee,” he has been willing to listen and act on our concerns in Albany. Jim should be applauded for his dedication to his employer, which is you.

Perhaps it is time for you to take an evaluation of the benefits that the 50th state senatorial district has been given due to the efforts of Jim’s service for 26 years. Consider the whole picture of what Senator Seward has accomplished for our area before you decide to replace him — just because he has been a faithful employee, one who has had your back covered, for 26 years.

Personally, we believe Sen. Jim Seward deserves to be re-elected to continue the outstanding job he’s done representing all of us in the 50th senatorial district.


Gordon R. Terry and Joan E. Terry