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September 5, 2012

Letters to the Editor: September 5, 2012

The Daily Star

---- — Who is Jim Blake?

A few answers

@Body Copy Ragged:

First and foremost, Jim Blake is a family man, but also active in his church and community. He was a co-founder and a current scoutmaster of the Boy Scouts troop in Worcester. He is a lector and eucharistic minister. He is a self-made, successful businessman both here and in Georgia.

Raised in Florida by his grandparents, he moved to Georgia, his initial work state, and there first became involved in politics. Now Jim is a proud 11-year resident of Schenevus. He is the father of five; the eldest attends Clarkson, the youngest is 4.

Jim is a decent man, a generous man, an ethical man, a humble man, a compassionate man, yet comfortable in his own skin; Jim owes no allegiance to big insurance and wealthy patrons, but is an advocate for the people and for our children and is committed to returning New York state to its former greatness.

Jim believes in less government, less strangulating regulation. How’s it working after 26 years of Sewardship? Most would recognize we are worse off. Our children leave for lack of jobs, our farms are disappearing, our business climate is deplorable, thousands have left the state; we pay the most taxes, our schools are an embarrassment, now 26th in the world.

Albany is broken and corrupt. It’s time for a change. Public service should never be a career. We think you should go get a real job, Senator. Term limits eliminate misplaced fealty, corruption and cronyism.

Tim Schorer

Burlington Flats

Schorer is the founder of the Central New York Tea Party Patriots.