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October 28, 2013

Hurley-Quackenbush proved herself on board

The Daily Star

---- — Hurley-Quackenbush proved herself on board

It was my privilege to work with town councilwoman Janet Hurley-Quackenbush on the town board for the last eight years of my tenure as town supervisor. During that time, Janet demonstrated her command of the issues and her concern for town residents.

Janet came to meetings well-prepared, having done her homework and studied the challenges we had to confront at a given meeting. When neighborhood issues were on tap, Janet made it a point to meet with the residents involved, hear their views, and forge common-sense solutions that reflected the needs of each neighborhood and the town as a whole. I gave Janet difficult assignments and committees, knowing she would thoroughly research the issues and present solid solutions.

In considering candidates to represent the town on the county board of representatives, we need look no further than the town board member who has proven, each day, that she has been working for us, and with us, for the last 10 years and has a record of concern for our residents — and a record of getting results.

I enthusiastically urge town of Oneonta residents to vote for Janet Hurley-Quackenbush for county representative.

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