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November 7, 2013

Devlin wrong to enforce drug laws

The Daily Star

---- — I’m feeling much ambivalence about Otsego County Sheriff Richard Devlin. 

On one hand, his stance toward the individual’s right to self-defense is satisfactory in that he has rejected the present “gun control” initiatives and the recent passage of harsh gun-control measures in New York state. 

I applaud his courage in this, but my applause comes to an abrupt end when I read about some Otsego County Sheriff-initiated “drug bust.” Sheriff Devlin, why do you reject only some ridiculous draconian laws and not all? Why do you support one’s right to self-defense but don’t support one’s right to free exchange and freedom of consciousness? 

When you arrest someone for selling “marijuana” (it’s actually called cannabis) or any other “drug,” you are initiating force and potential violence to an otherwise peaceful interaction. Why do you find it necessary to arrest those wishing to engage in peaceful commerce? 

If a person is truly addicted to a substance, the last thing that should be done is place this person into a cage, isolated from all friends, family and community. We should be treating drug addiction as a health hazard, not a moral hazard. People ought to have freedom of consciousness as long as they are not infringing on others’ liberty. 

Someone growing, selling, producing or using any drug is not a crime! And to act on the premise that it is a crime is a crime itself. Every time you make a “drug arrest,” you are acting on the wrong side of history. You are using force on people who are acting peacefully. It does not matter that the law warrants you to be able to do this. The law loses all credibility when the law becomes a mechanism of violating life, liberty and property.

Dan Rorick